Mark Kelly Will Command Space Shuttle Mission

Astronaut Mark Kelly is the husband of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was wounded in a shooting in January and it is this which makes Mark Kelly Will Command the Space Shuttle Mission.

She was nearly killed when she was shot in the head during a rampage in front of a Tucson grocery store on Jan. 8. His devotion will force him to make a difficult choice -- stay with her, or resume training for the last flight of the space shuttle Endeavour, possibly his last chance ever to fly in space.
Sturckow is a reluctant replacement WHO has shied away from publicity, while Mark Kelly makes his decision and therefore Mark Kelly Will Command the Space Shuttle Mission. He defined the role of a space shuttle commander in an interview with ABC News before his last flight in 2009. "My job is to make sure everything is done safely and successfully, though it is similar to being in charge of any crew in a shop," Sturckow said. "I was in charge of a pit crew on a racing organization, I worked a gas station, i had the crew of guys WHO worked in the shop there, so this is a similar kind of job. If somebody gets hurt or something doesn 't go well, it is going to be my responsibility".

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