Student Elementary School Prayer to Japan

The Tsunami that struck Japan is a very deep sorrow for all people in the world. Prayer together to Japan was also held as a form of caring for each other. Currently conducting joint prayer is student elementary school in Solo, Central Java. This elementary school staged a concern and prayers for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (see videos). This action also as a means of education to children to better care for others.

More than five hundred elementary school students participate in these activities. Action is also concern as a concern and a symbol of their grief over the tsunami disaster.
Action begins with the reading of newspapers news about the earthquake and tsunami by one student. Continuing with the prayer led by the Head of Sri Lestari Begalon Elementary School. "This action aims to develop a sense of sympathy to the brothers who suffered devastating tsunami, one of them with the prayer," said Sri Lestari, on Saturday (12/03/2011).

After reading the prayer, the event end with singing the song of silence and menyematan interest in posters that read Japanese tsunami of grief.

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