Diaspora Is New Rival Facebook

Diaspora is one of the sites that are rumored to be rivaling that facebook presence is booming today. Although in their calculations, attendance up in the near future in the Internet world. All stories behind the Diaspora began with the idea of four students at the University of New York after the crisis up buffeted by issues of confidentiality of users, in the summer.
Team Diaspora then try something new. By using Kickstarter, the team hopes to start a project in the summer they could get financing for about 10 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 90 million). However, it turns out they can make money worth 200 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 1.8 billion).

Diaspora may look like other social sites. However, this becomes an important record if the whole focus is to make the data more portable, encrypted, and was elected. You can download the data directly from the profile or all photos. In fact, it could close the account without having to very difficult when it will close an account on Facebook.

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